Application Development

Application Development

We Syscode Technology provides you with best business and specialized application development tools whether it is for utility, financial, security or for gaming network. Our developers aka Syscoders will provide you with your designed and business oriented applications which will be compatible on any running platform whether the platform is android, iOS or web-based.
Along with it, we Syscoders provide our customers with all instructions and necessary information which will be required by the receiver to how to initiate the application, all the go-throughs and how to maintain it.

Hybrid Application Development

Hybrid Application a client can receive blend of both native and web developed application which is more of an experimental development for the usage of it.

Web Application Development

In this category one expect to receive their application which is totally based on the web development and platform. Such designed application software will only run on browsers irrespective of device or OS platform.

Native Application Development

In this category, customer can receive their application software on the recommended device platform such as Android, iOS or Windows.

  • Security Integration - It is one of the important feature that we provide you with in an application. Security for your application is important as it has all your core work and credentials and data of every other user.

  • Multi-Device Compatibility - With this feature your application will be able to run on any device it is compatible on with crashing. Every application developed will be provided with multi-device compatibly.


You can add several of features to your application with us such as its appearance, activities, boot screen interactive animations and much more. The more features you add the more collective your application and more traffics and downloads it attracts. You can opt from some of the following features:

  • Social Networking Capabilities - With this feature you can socialize your app on any networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

  • User Feedback Options - With this feature you can get response from several of your clients which have downloaded your application and used it.

  • Offline Operation - With this feature your application will be capable to work offline on various devices without internet connectivity

  • Responsive Interaction - It is one of the essential feature that we Syscode Technology will provide you with. Interactive fast response application is able to work smoothly without any disorder.

Languages for Application

Firstly, for UI/UX android application languages put into work are C++, Python, Java, and Corona which when coded by Syscoders (developers) form a working program to be your demanded application.
For iOS devices Swift and Objective-C are the programming languages which are used by our developers to form UI/UX application for your apple devices from iPhone to Mac.
And lastly for web applications the application languages are same as development languages used in website building and designing which you can choose from Syscode Technology during or after your website delivery.

Custom WordPress CMS:
Final product of establishment and design is also presented over to clients.
Internal linking optimization:
Progression and expansion, we strive through improving structures of the website and expand operations and control over the website.

Wordpress Development

WordPress Plugin Development For proper development of your website many WordPress plugins are brought into place.
Proficient WordPress Development:
As possible in customization, it is further possible by our team to rewrite or improvise any existing plugins or code.
Custom Module/Extension Development:
We can repeat the process of development in accordance to clients’ specifications. E-Commerce Payment Gateway Integration:
Online payment transactions is a trend in today’s business market. Many major companies such as PayUMoney, PayPal, PayTM have joined the league.

  • Application Testing - Then the application is tested for a while and is investigated for any errors or bugs which might cause a major or minor problem later on.

  • Application Maintenance - In this process the application developed and tested is functioned and ran by our developers for a required time to maintain and sustain it and is part of the testing process.

Different Stages Of Application Development

  • Application planning - It is the first stage of application development in which how the application is going to exist is prepared and all necessary and prerequisite designing and structure expected by clients

  • Application Designing - After planning process of application development, then comes the designing and processing part in various approaches are sorted out to design the application software

  • Application Construction - Then after designing process comes the initiating part of planned and designed process where all your application software is brought into existence by developers aka Syscoders.

  • Application Integration - After this, the constructed application is integrated with the respective platform making suitable to respond &function under the command

For Clients

Clients at Syscode Technology are entitled to following privileges:

  • Fine services at affordable prices
  • User Friendly Applications
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Focused on your Company and its Business

Along with affordable prices clients can get full support and maintenance.
If you would like to connect with us or like an application of your own for business or personal use you can contact us and get a query.

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